Chef Frankie’s Crazy Adventures Episode 1: Stuffed Turkey Burgers

This is a new cooking tutorial I’m working on. This is the first episode. Let me know what you think!


22 thoughts on “Chef Frankie’s Crazy Adventures Episode 1: Stuffed Turkey Burgers

  1. You are a little over the top with enthusiasm – as an ex-American it kind of freaks me out! I’m sure there is a market for your style over there, so I’m not exactly criticising. Why isn’t the turkey 100% turkey? That’s kinda weird. I’m also not keen on both an onion and onion powder – I understand they have different flavours but surely a double dose of onion is a bit much? I’m biased as I can’t eat them at all, so again I’m not giving out, just asking about your decisions.


    • The enthusiasm is what I’m going for. If you look at other chefs and their tutorials, they’re typically dull and don’t really stand out from one another. My goal is to stand out and be known for what I do as well as teach people. I know there are going to be some people who are taken back by it for that reason but so far, most people are giving great reviews and love the uniqueness that I’ve put into it.

      100% turkey doesn’t exist. There’s 99% lean, 1% fat. If you’ve cooked with that before, you’ll notice it’s much drier than the 93% lean, which makes for the perfect turkey burger. You still have the juiciness that you look for in a burger without it being too fatty like the 85% lean.

      Just because you use onion powder and onions doesn’t mean the flavor is going to be overbearing. Sauteed onions have a sweet taste to them and it doesn’t necessarily taste like a potent, uncooked onion that you’re probably thinking of. Not sure if you’ve had sauteed onions before? Even regular burgers, I still add onion powder as well as adding onion rings on top of my burger. It still isn’t overbearing unless you go completely overboard with seasoning the burger.

      I appreciate your input. Hope I was able to answer some of your questions.


      • You did, thank you!

        Isn’t turkey fat still turkey? My concern is that it is added water, or other substances.

        I am not an onion fan, it’s a real shame as they add so much and are so inexpensive. I’ve tried and tried, I promise! But they dislike me and that’s my evening done if I eat any, sadly. Sure I’d love. Few drinks after a good meal, not sitting bloated and suffering in a corner! Garlic is a different story. Hmm, what would I add… hard if you want to keep it simple. Parsley? No.


      • I think I misspoke in the video. I didn’t mean to say that it wasn’t turkey. I meant to say that the percentage was lean/fat. I’m not sure how your packaging is over where you currently live but it should state any added substances if any do exist. At home, we try to be as natural as possible with our meats, fruits and vegetables.

        Ah ok I see. Completely understandable, I know some people with the same problem. Garlic is excellent, I’ll use garlic powder as well on my burgers. As far as an alternative to the onions… Maybe saute a bell pepper instead or just mushrooms like I had in the video. It’ll still taste great even without the onion flavor. Or you can keep it simple with just cheese. I personally wouldn’t stuff the parsley in place of the onions. I prefer to mix it in with the meat as shown in the video.

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      • No, no- video was spot on, no worries! I’m always interested in what provenance is given for our food – even over here in Ireland where I can go visit the farmer who raised my eggs/beef/mushrooms!


      • Yes, that’s the best way to do it. So much food is loaded with chemicals and unnecessary amounts of salt to preserve foods. It’s disgusting and literally killing us. I don’t know if you have a Whole Foods over in Ireland, I know it’s in England but they have the most organic foods that you’ll find at any grocery store. It’s always nice to know what you’re really consuming!


  2. They look great! I’m going to have to make them and try to fool my family. Ya, like that’s going to happen, but I do my best to cook on the healthier side without falling into the tasteless, boredomville. I usually make my turkey burgers with crushed Doritos and a little bit of Worcestershire sauce then add a slice of Gruyere cheese, but yours look and probably taste much better.

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