Episode 2: Chicken Scallopini!

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to get my next episode up but here it is! Please Share!! Thank you! 🙂


Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who has liked our Facebook page so far! We’re up to 48 likes and counting!

Continuing to Grow

I’m happy to say we’ve received yet another order of fudge, a pound this time! Baby steps to a huge success. I’ve also been asked to bring in more samples at work for people who didn’t get the opportunity to taste my first batch so I’m hopeful that will result in more sales. It’s going to be a busy night of fudge making!

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Thank you guys for all the support!


Samples from Yesterday

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Not the greatest photos but these are the milk and white chocolate swirl fudge that I made and handed out yesterday as samples. HUGE hit! The 2 orders I received yesterday were for sea salt and caramel as well as chocolate walnut which I’ve delivered today. I’ll post pictures of those later. Still need to work on our website as well as our facebook page. For anyone who would like to help support us through facebook, this is our link. Not too much there so far but I promise I’ll get everything situated soon!!